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WebLite Demo Gallery Images
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  1. WebLite enhanced to include new Cookie Policy legislation

    June 29, 2012

    On 26th May 2012 PECR legislation was introduced regarding storage of Cookies (small text files) on PCs/smartphones/tablets when visitors access websites.

    Websites have to advise visitors which Cookies are stored and the purpose of the cookies . They must ask for the visitor’s acceptance that they use the website knowing that certain information will be stored.

    The WebLite package has been enhanced to include an implied opt-in statement in the footer of every page. The footer states:

    “By continuing to use this site, you agree to our Cookie Policy

    Cookie Policy links to a new page which states:  

    • Which Cookies are used
    • What purpose they serve
    • What information they hold
    • How long they are stored for

    The Cookie Policy page is different depending on the optional features in the WebLite website.

    Currently (May 2012) Cookies are used for the following optional WebLite features:

    • Google Analytics
    • Jetpack
    • PayPal
    • Facebook (AddThis sharing)
    • Twitter (AddThis sharing)

    The new Cookie Policy feature is included at no additional charge to current or new WebLite customers delivering added value-for-money.

  2. WebLite Twitter Integration

    May 21, 2012

    If your business has a Twitter account, ensure your latest tweets are seen by more people!

    We are pleased to announce a new Twitter feature for all of our WebLite customers, available for only £25+VAT.

    Visitors will see your last three Tweets directly on your website, giving you a quick and easy way to communicate with them and encourage them to follow you.


    For a working example, visit Marbles Country Cottages www.marbles-rousdon.co.uk.

    If you would like us to connect your site to Twitter, please contact us for more information.

  3. WordPress Jetpack

    April 11, 2012

    Jetpack Logo

    Jetpack is a WordPress plug-in that includes a bundle of features:

    - Simple yet effective stats detailing usage of the website
    - A sharing tool for easily sharing content to Facebook, Twitter and more
    - Popular service  ‘After the Deadline’ for checking spelling and grammar

    The most prominent feature of the Jetpack plug-in is its stat-providing tool. Showing figures such as number of visitors to a website, referrers and individual page visits, the page presents its information in simple yet efficient tables, with the option to open graphs that are attractive and quickly interpretable. 

    Jetpack stats 1

    Jetpack’s stats page also shows the search terms used by visitors who found the website through a search engine.  By analysing these terms, the site owner can see which areas are attracting the greatest and fewest SEO benefits, and use the data to decide which sections of the website need improvement.

    The website of one of our clients, http://www.creechstmichael.net, has Jetpack installed. You can see in the image below some of the search terms used to find the site:

    Jetpack stats 2

    Somerset Web Services are offering this plug-in for free as part of a WebLite package until 1st May 2012. Contact us at info@somersetwebservices.co.uk or 01823 353760 for more information.

  4. New optional PayPal feature in WebLite

    November 2, 2011

    Today, in response to customer feedback, we have launched an optional PayPal extension to the WebLite package.

    The PayPal extension allows products (or services) to be added to a WebLite web page and paid via a standard PayPal button. A checkout confirmation page is included.

    The feature is an optional extension to the base WebLite package and is charged at only £75+vat pa.

    This means you can now build and maintain a six page self-managed eCommerce website, including Domain Name, Hosting, Emails, a Content Management System (CMS), integration with PayPal for a total charge of only £174+vat per annum.

    We believe this delivers one of the most competitively-priced eCommerce websites in the web market. WebLite allows you to add as many products as you like on a page and set each one with a price you can easily change.

    By selling your products directly from your WebLite website it saves you the commission charges from other online stores like ebay. These can easily amount to considerably more than the £75+vat pa charge for PayPal integration.

    The PayPal feature consists of some web (HTML) code and a standard PayPal button that we set up for you. It comes complete with instructions how you connect the code to any other products you wish to sell online. It does not require any additional WebLite web pages. A postage price can be configured for each product which is automatically added to the product price for payment within PayPal.

    For an example of PayPal integration, visit the home page on this WebLite demo website which demonstrates how we are now able to sell a WebLite package via PayPal.

    Selling your products and services online has many uses across businesses giving your business a competitive edge.

    For example:

    • Organisations collecting subscriptions
    • Product ranges, gifts, services (like WebLite!), etc
    • Pre-paid bookings or deposits for appointments like therapy sessions, hall hire, hair dressing
    • Charitable donations, sponsorship

    Anywhere where you want to give an easy option for people to pay you online

  5. Launch of WebLite News pages

    March 1, 2011

    The News page is an optional page. You can have either a News page or a Testimonials page. Or neither if both are not appropriate!

    The News page allows you to write articles, normally of a topical nature (aka News), which are ordered with the most recent top.

    News articles are great for keeping your website up to date with fresh content. This gives your visitors the immediate impression your business is ‘on the pulse’.

    It can be especially powerful for keeping your clients (an prospects) informed of latest news that may affect them, for example tax or legislation changes.