WebLite Demo Gallery Images
WebLite Demo Gallery Images
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Hints and Tips

Here are some useful hints and tips to edit the pages on your WebLite website.


To update your WebLite website logon to the administration screen:


You were sent a Username and Password when you signed up to the WebLite package. After logging on you will see the Dashboard screen.


Dashboard menu

Dashboard menu

Click the Pages link on the left menu (see right) which then displays a list of all pages on your website.

Hover over a page name and then click the Edit link just below.


An image stretching across the full width of the Home Page content area can deliver a strong first impression. This is known as a Home Page Banner image.

The width of the Home Page Banner image must be a maximum of 570 pixels to fit in the supplied template.  The height is down to your preference. Increased height means a higher impact image and is often desirable for websites where visualisation is important, for example a view of the gardens of a B&B.  Where textual information is more important we suggest a maximum height of 110 pixels.

The Home Page should be a summary of your services or products. Don’t overload the Home Page with content which may be too intimidating for visitors. Let them see the key features of your business and if they want more they will click though to details on other pages.

One or two images help will give an attractive and welcoming impression. WebLite automatically places thumbnails for the first two images from your gallery in the left hand sidebar. This automatically puts artwork on all pages making your website pleasing to the eye.


The About Us page is one of your optional three pages. Most business websites have an About Us page so it has become a de-facto standard. We don’t have on this weblitedemo website as it is an informative website all about a product. We have opted for ‘Hints and Tips’ as our first user-definable page name.

The About Us page is where you should write more details about your business. Still try not to overload people with information. It should be sufficient to enagage people without bombarding or bamboozling them!


A Gallery another one of your optional three pages. This is a purpose-built Gallery framework that allows you to easily upload photos or images.

You can configure the Gallery with from 2 to 5 columns. The more columns you have the smaller the thumbnail images. We suggest a maximum of three columns as demonstrated in the WebLite demo gallery.

We have set up the Gallery such that two thumbnails for the first two images in the Gallery are placed in the left hand sidebar on all pages. We recommend placing two high impact images or straplines at the start of the gallery.

We have also programmed the Gallery such that all photos can be zoomed and display larger when clicked.

Please note that the menu link to the Gallery page must be called Gallery as it is an integral part of the feature we have developed.


The News page can be another one of your three optional pages. The News page is a feature we have  set up that allows you to publish regular articles which are displayed most recent at the top. If your business has regular pieces of information of interest then the News page is just for you.

Adding a News article

Adding a News article

The News page is developed to ensure newest articles are displayed at the top. Adding News articles is slightly different to adding content to other pages.

To add a News Article:

Click ‘Posts’ (the top link ‘Posts’ on the left in the dashboard, see top right).

A dropdown list appears (see right) where you click ‘Add New’.

A simple cut-and-paste from a Word package is just about all it takes.


A Testimonials page is another desirable  page you can easily edit. Testimonials are all about how great others see your business. Of course … you are going to say you’re the best in your field. This doesn’t carry quite the same weight as one of your customers saying it!

A simple cut-and-paste operation allows you to publish your testimonials.


This is an optional page which contains an interactive Google map. It is typically designed for businesses that have a bricks-and-mortar address and want customers to find them. Note: Google automatically places a map pin in the centre of the postcode area you have supplied us, so it does not always give the exact location of your business.

Some businesses work from home and do not want customers to visit them. The Find Us page can be disabled. Just let us know.

Our advice is generally to enable the Find Us page even if you work from home. People can display a map if they want by entering your postcode into any other map website. The presence of the Find Us page perhaps implies that you are a formal business that does not have to hide its true location.


An interactive form that allows visitors to email you without knowing your email address. Your email address is not published on the website which prevents spam programs from sending you unwanted email.

To also stop spam programs we have added a captcha verific ation code feature. This requires (real human) visitors to read the code and enter it in the form. Automated spam programs find it difficult to read the fuzzy images and complete the form. This further protects you from unwanted email.


Can I upload images into the web page ?

Yes. With WebLite you are able to upload and insert images to give your website impact and ‘eye-candy’.

It’s quite straightforward by clicking the Add Image icon (see below). You will need an image or photo prepared beforehand.

Add an image icon

Add an image icon

How do I insert a link to another website?

Highlight the word(s) you want for a clickable link. Click the Link icon (see below) then enter the website address in the pop-up.

Insert Link to another website

How do I find good images for my WebLite website?

There are many stock photography websites that you can search for. These contain professional photographs or images that cost around £1 each we recommend www.istockphotos.com.

How do I edit photos?

A photo editing program is needed. It is useful to crop unwanted areas of photos or overlay, say, advertising text  on a background image. Windows comes with the free MS-Paint program but it’s quite limited. Popular programs are Paint Shop Pro or the free open-source program GIMP downloadable from www.gimp.org.

What page names can I have?

You can have up to six pages on the standard WebLite package.

There are two fixed page names. These are Home and Contact Us.

There are three pages where you can choose your own names. For example, About Us, Products, Services, or Testimonials.

Of these three pages, if you prefer, you can choose one or two pages with the special features we have developed, the ‘Gallery’ and ‘News’ pages.

Gallery gives you a formatted page with a photo gallery already defined ready to upload photos. You can define the number of columns and rows in the gallery. On the WebLiteDemo gallery page we have given an example of a 3 column photo gallery which we recommend. Please note: if you choose the Gallery feature then this page must be named ‘Gallery’ to ensure the first two gallery photos in the left side bar display properly.

News is a specially formatted page that allows you to post News articles and ensure the latest articles are always displayed at the top of the page.  Please note: if you choose the News feature then the page must be named ‘News’ to ensure it functions properly. How to add News articles is described under News earlier on this page.

There is an optional sixth ‘Find Us’ page that has an interactive Google Map. Note: If you choose not to have the ‘Find Us’ page you are unable to have a replacement page due to the way the system has been programmed.

Can I have extra pages?

Yes. They are set up as empty pages with any name you want with a link that fits within the width of the left menu. They are charged at £25+vat per annum. Please contact us on 01823 353760 for additional pages. Additional pages are edited just like other pages described above.

A ‘Case Studies’ page or ‘FAQ’ page may be suitable additional pages.

Can I see statistics like page hits and visitor counts?

We can set up Google Analytics for you on all pages for an additional one-off charge of £25+vat. You will then need to register a free account with Google to logon and view a comprehensive set of statistics.