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WordPress Jetpack

April 11, 2012

Jetpack Logo

Jetpack is a WordPress plug-in that includes a bundle of features:

- Simple yet effective stats detailing usage of the website
- A sharing tool for easily sharing content to Facebook, Twitter and more
- Popular service  ‘After the Deadline’ for checking spelling and grammar

The most prominent feature of the Jetpack plug-in is its stat-providing tool. Showing figures such as number of visitors to a website, referrers and individual page visits, the page presents its information in simple yet efficient tables, with the option to open graphs that are attractive and quickly interpretable. 

Jetpack stats 1

Jetpack’s stats page also shows the search terms used by visitors who found the website through a search engine.  By analysing these terms, the site owner can see which areas are attracting the greatest and fewest SEO benefits, and use the data to decide which sections of the website need improvement.

The website of one of our clients, http://www.creechstmichael.net, has Jetpack installed. You can see in the image below some of the search terms used to find the site:

Jetpack stats 2

Somerset Web Services are offering this plug-in for free as part of a WebLite package until 1st May 2012. Contact us at info@somersetwebservices.co.uk or 01823 353760 for more information.