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New optional PayPal feature in WebLite

November 2, 2011

Today, in response to customer feedback, we have launched an optional PayPal extension to the WebLite package.

The PayPal extension allows products (or services) to be added to a WebLite web page and paid via a standard PayPal button. A checkout confirmation page is included.

The feature is an optional extension to the base WebLite package and is charged at only £75+vat pa.

This means you can now build and maintain a six page self-managed eCommerce website, including Domain Name, Hosting, Emails, a Content Management System (CMS), integration with PayPal for a total charge of only £174+vat per annum.

We believe this delivers one of the most competitively-priced eCommerce websites in the web market. WebLite allows you to add as many products as you like on a page and set each one with a price you can easily change.

By selling your products directly from your WebLite website it saves you the commission charges from other online stores like ebay. These can easily amount to considerably more than the £75+vat pa charge for PayPal integration.

The PayPal feature consists of some web (HTML) code and a standard PayPal button that we set up for you. It comes complete with instructions how you connect the code to any other products you wish to sell online. It does not require any additional WebLite web pages. A postage price can be configured for each product which is automatically added to the product price for payment within PayPal.

For an example of PayPal integration, visit the home page on this WebLite demo website which demonstrates how we are now able to sell a WebLite package via PayPal.

Selling your products and services online has many uses across businesses giving your business a competitive edge.

For example:

  • Organisations collecting subscriptions
  • Product ranges, gifts, services (like WebLite!), etc
  • Pre-paid bookings or deposits for appointments like therapy sessions, hall hire, hair dressing
  • Charitable donations, sponsorship

Anywhere where you want to give an easy option for people to pay you online